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RFL Stadium

My Name is Bradley, and this is my creation.

RFL Stadium has 6 entrances, 4 of them are the black arch's. you go under them and through the gates to get inside. The other 2 are the main entrances located between the black arch's, the other one is on the other side, its bigger. They are for more of the private club/suites. There are 4 spiral ramps, one on each corner of the stadium for exits.
There are also clear bricks around the top for club suites, and also one window at the very top for the box office where they keep score. It also has a removable roof, that you can close or open to show the inside of the field.

I built it pretty simple, so that kids of any age could build it. If it was made into a product it would probley cost somewhere between $10 dollars to $40 dollars.

this is with the roof on.

This is the other side of the Stadium, with the bigger entrance and box window at the top.

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