Product Idea

Ironbeard Dwarf House

The Ironbeard dwarves have moved to Fire mountain in search of gold and treasure. They are a strong clan and make their living by digging for gold and making excellent weapons as blacksmiths. Dwarves are a very inventive race and have the expertise to create clocks and other impressive inventions. Every week the dwarves will go to the nearby Lion Kingdom and sell their equipment for gold, food and barrels of ale. 

Recently the Ironbeard clan has found a map to a large vein of gold and diamond deep in the mountain and their home is now full of the treasure they have mined. Unbeknownst to the Ironbeard folk, this gold is found where the volcano golems live. These fierce monsters made of stone and lava are very protective of the diamonds of the mountain and have followed the Ironbeard clan back to their home. The dwarves raise the alarm and prepare to defend against the golem. Is this the dark magic of the orc warlocks at work?

My children are my inspiration for all our Lego builds. The dwarves are some of our favorite castle minifigures and there are not many sets featuring them. This build is intended to be medium size and clearly unique among the line of castle sets. The volcano golem is a fun opponent to build and pairs nicely with the dwarf home. My designs tend to be pictures of real builds limited by the pieces we have because the genesis for the idea truly comes from playing with my kids. If there is a lot of interest in the project, I will do further design work on the computer.

Play functions and the idea
The dwarf home is built into the rock and there are two secret entrances and a visible door into the tree at the top. There is a rope winch for hauling treasure and equipment. The home has a large fireplace for forging weapons and cooking, bunk beds for sleeping, and plenty of treasure to go around. The best feature for play is the ability to open the entire home down the middle on a hinge making all the internal components easily accessible. There is a treasure in a tree stump module that can be removed and hidden in the mountains for the golem to protect.

The set includes 5 dwarves, a volcano golem, and plenty of weapons from the forge. Hope you enjoy it!