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The Medical Office


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The medical office
I am very happy and very proud to present this creation to you. What would a city be without a modular building medical office?
For this construction, I wanted a more realistic approach because the building can be integrated in a modular city, in a rail network, but also in exhibition alone.

I actually built it in a Steampunk version which has been very successful at LEGO exhibitions of our big Paris Steampunk 1889 diorama.

I tried to build a very nice modular built by limiting myself on the volume of parts; with the interior fittings, 2310 parts are needed: which is reasonable in relation to the size of this building.

You will find in this set 7 minifigures and a cat.
Doctor Home
Doctor Camron
Papy, Grany and the cat
Little family : dad, mom, and a boy

I used a lot of interesting pieces for Afols: massony bricks, lots of tiles, lots of very interesting colors to make your own creations
I’m sure everyone would be very happy to integrate this building into their city so don’t hesitate to support and share this project.

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