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Lego City Investigation

  • This lego set is about a business man who  likes to build anything and get away with anything he wants nothing stands in his way because he will destroy anything to just get what he wants and that is power and wealthy so one day he wanted to explode an old building and build a evil huge bomb that can destroy the planet and so he can make the world to turn into his own image so the police and detective to find this huge bomb the police only had 2hr and 10 min 38sec to stop the bomb because if he destroy every one will pass away so the police had to hurry. 
  •  I built it because the lego city set of police were getting boring it was missing some thing and that is action and playable plus the bomb is a box so you can put anything you want 
  • I think this would make a awesome lego set because now who ever buy it can have some action and play able  and that is the spirit if imagination 

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