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Treasure Chest

What I built for you today is a beautifully decorated and detailed LEGO Treasure Chest.

There are 3 major functions:
  1. Opening lid to a spacious inside.
  2. A Locking lid that opens and closes with a key (piece 40359).
  3. A secret compartment to hold your money*.

*How you open the secret compartment is by pushing the golden dot to the front top right of the lid, and out pops a secret compartment in the back of the lid, inside the secret compartment is a 1x1 LEGO clip to hold the LEGO key to open up the treasure chest.

All together, this LEGO creation that I made has a total of 1236 pieces and is actually quite heavy.

I believe that this creation would be a fantastic LEGO set because everybody that I have known that likes LEGO, likes to make LEGO boxes or pirate creations, or both, so I thought, why not make a pirate treasure chest? And also because LEGO has not made any sort of big chests, so I thought that I should make a Treasure Chest for LEGO Ideas.

And sorry if the pictures are not good enough :)

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