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Microfig Mechas

This one is one of my main projects dedicated to Microfigure-scaled mechas of different types and sorts. There will be possibly a few classes of mechs for different needs from an Exo-force like action series to wargames.

Type 1: Mechwarrior-like Mechs. Microfig is placed in the cockpit that stands on legs with backward knees (like Battletech/Mechwarrior Raven, Catapult or Madcat). Could be armed with wide variety of weapons and tools for different needs.

Type 2: The larger than Type 1 Mechs that looks more like Gundams or M6 from Full Metal Panic. The Mechas on the screenshot are the same but with different modular armor sets. As you can see, the one on left is a drilling duty worker, and the right one is a battle Mech with plasma gun.

Type 3: Small format mechs like this 'Ogre' suit could be very useful for mentioned earlier wargames due to size and modification probabilities.

This is an example of unequipped Mecha frame that I call Centurion.

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