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Pac man is now made out of Lego this is a small replica of the original Pac man map. It includes all characters: Pac man, Blinky, Pinkie , Inky. This model can work in many way's a collector would love this as a model. A kid could have loads of fun playing with this. And you could use it as a game.

How to play the game:

you need to have two players one to be Pac man and the other to be the ghost or you can have 5 players and 1 person for each ghost. The players will roll a  dice to see how many spaces the player can move. Pac man wins if he gets every pellet, he collects a pellet every time he stands on them.                                 The ghosts win if they catch Pac man 3 times.

The characters are made from minifigure heads. The eyes are printed on and are not stickers.


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