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The Battle of Endore - Star Wars Chess


May the force be with you as you wage a battle… on the chessboard.

The Star Wars battle rages on between the Light and Dark forces, the Resistance against the First Order. This Star Wars Chess set is an ode to LEGO Star Wars sets, including characters from the different sets and Star Wars episodes.

                            Light – Resistance                                   Dark – First Order

Kings                            Yoda                                               Emperor Palpatine

Queens                     Ahsoka Tano                                         Asajj Ventress

Bishops                       Wookiee                                                  Magnaguard

Knights                    R2D2 & R4P17                                            Droideka

Rooks              T70 X-Wing  Star Fighter                          First Order Tie Fighter

Pawns                          Ewoks                                    Storm, Snow, & Scout Troopers

The scene is set on the Planet Endor, the giant forest planet from Return of the Jedi. However, as you wage war in a game of chess, you can change the scene to your favorite episode or even create your own not yet written episode. 


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