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The Adventures of an Old Piano


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It is 1:21 PM at the time of the typing of this message. Oh my gosh! Thank you all so much for supporting this project! This project is my second LEGO Ideas project to be a non-trian related project to get the first milestone. Well, as I promised you all, I'll now share my story of how this piano came into my possession.

A local Knights of Columbus (KofC) is moving to a smaller location to save on costs. This smaller location is a local Church. Unfortunately, the KofC seems to be diminishing more and more as time goes on. Because of this move, the KofC was selling everything they own. Chairs, filing cabinets, desks, and much more equipment was being sold there.

So, my mother and I decided to go and see what they had. My eldest sister, who is a teacher, needs a swivel chair, for the one in her classroom broke. We got a good looking chair, and told the KofC members about my sister teaching at a Catholic school. We know the memebers of the KofC personally. Because they knew it was going to a good cause, the chair was given to us for free.

Later on that day of August 5th, my father went to thank them for their kind donation. He talked to them for a while, and even told them about how I play the piano. Now this is where things begin to get interesting! One of the men from the KofC told my father that they were selling two pianos.

A couple days later, my parents and I went there to see what they had. The brother of the man who told us about the KofC selling two pianos showed us them in person. These pianos were in the Catholic school next to this Church, not to be confused with the one my sister works at. Below is an image of the first piano that I saw when I first laid my eyes upon it.

Then, we walked further into the school and saw the other piano. Here it is.

The Kimball piano in the first image was in much better condition than the Sterling piano in the second image. The Sterling piano was so detuned that if I played the note "C" it sounded more like a "B". Also, for of the strings within this piano were broken. The Kimball is detuned, but not terribly. Also, two of the three pedals were missing on the Kimball piano, leaving only the damper pedal. Because the Church is just around the corner from where I live, we rolled the Kimball piano home.

Thankfully, a son from one of the members of the KofC helped us roll it home. One of the wheels on the underside of the Kimball piano came off, as the screws that were holding it in were loose. So, the man who kindly helped us roll the piano got a support dolly to give the piano more support. My parents, the man, and I rolled the piano into the garage.

This is what the piano looked like when it was first placed into the garage.

It still sits in the garage, and it plays very nicely. Eventually, we want to get the piano into the house. Weather will make the wood expand and detract, so we want to get it in before the weather starts getting bad. It might just go downstairs, as this would be the most practical place to put it.

Well, once again, folks, thanks for supporting this project! It is now 1:46 PM as of the ending of the typing of this description. Have a good day, everyone! Regards, Joseph cheeseinthepie. 8/22/2018


99 Supporters! Oh yeah!!

Thanks to you all for your support! ~ Joseph cheeseinthepie 8/22/2018


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Thank you all so much for your support on this project, as well as the support you've given me on all of my projects over the past three years of me being on the LDD Gallery and LEGO Ideas. If, and hopefully it does, this project reaches 100 supporters, I'll show you all a picture of the Kimball piano that inspired this project, and even explain the full story! Have a good day, everyone. Update by Joseph cheeseinthepie. 8/20/2018

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