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Custom Claas Jaguar Forage Harvester

Hello everyone!

This set was inspired by the forage harvester my neighbor uses on his family farm. This model has a realistic look while maintaining playability. This would be a great addition to the LEGO City/Farm series.

The design of this project was completed by looking at pictures of a real Claas Jaguar 980 forage harvester. One of my favorite features of this MOC is the unloading auger that rotates and tilts up, which is very realistic to the real-life machine.  The removable header also give this model a fun option that simulates the modern farmer. 

Features include:
  • Unloading auger that swings out, up and down
  • Two farmer mini-figure
  • Wide view cab with removable roof for easy access
  • Removable corn header that can be reattached

The set also includes a New Holland tractor with a big red forage trailer. The tractor doesn't have any unique features other than the removable roof for easy access.
The trailer has a pretty special unloading feature. It has a moving floor, that pushes the grass/forage out of the back.

(The whole set consist of 875 LEGO pieces.)

Thank you for taking the time to read the project description and supporting my project!