H0 High Speed Train

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This is the second model in a series I call "Playing with scale". Also check out my first project, H0 Steam Locomotive.

The main goal of the projects are to try to create models that challenge the view of what is normal Lego scale. This model and the steam locomotive are built to the well known H0 scale. A scale, to my knowledge, previously unexplored in Lego.

The design is based on the French TGV, Train à Grande Vitesse, and consists of two power cars and two coupled coaches. The build contains 712 bricks.

The model will certainly appeal to people that have an interest in trains and models. Probably older customers that has owned or owns a regular metal H0 setup and has the money to invest in such items.
But since the cost of producing the generic LEGO pieces are way less than producing a metal model, the unit price per engine is very competitive. This opens up new markets with more price sensitive customers, like younger kids.
The model is also sturdy and can be used in play.

The Jacobs coupling keeps the couches snug together and enables the train to negotiate curves.

The H0 scale also gives LEGO the possibility to offer sets in different price ranges, from single small engines to whole trains. I will explore this further on as I will add more models to Cuusoo.