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Dark Elf Raid

Dark Elves and dwarfs (pre-Tolkein spelling) both have their roots in Norse mythology. Despite this, both of them have gone far past their original legends. Despite the fact that dark elves' primary enemies are surface elves, they often come into conflict with dwarfs, due to their shared subterranean environment.

In this set, a group of dark elves are attacking a dwarven mining outpost with their boar-mounted multi-cannon, built for them by evil dwarfs who betrayed their brethren and allied themselves with the dark elves. I think that this would be a great set for fantasy fans of all ages. The last time a major, non-licensed LEGO set contained dwarfs was 2007. No LEGO set has ever contained dark elves.


  • White-Bearded Dwarf Foreman
  • Grey-Bearded Dwarf Woman
  • Dark Grey-Bearded Dwarf Elder
  • Black-Bearded Dwarf Solider
  • Mine Canary
  • Dark Elf Captain
  • Dark Elf Soldiers (4)

The set contains 10 Minifigures and 745 bricks, 18 of which glow in the dark. The front legs of the dark elves' war boar are articulated, and the dark elf multi-cannon fires with a twist of the crank on the back.

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