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Crimson Raptor


*Among the feiry hills of the Region of Fire, lives a close relative of the Desert Baras called Crimson Raptor. This reptile species, however is carnivorous, unlike it's desert cousin. Crimson Raptors have muscular legs for running fast as well as jumping on their prey with great force or just to hop from rock to rock through a lava river. At the heel they have a claw that can inject poison into it's prey so even if the prey tries to get away the poison will slow it down. The tail has two claws at the end which they use for a tail spin slash to injure or scare off any unwanted company. Crimson Raptors are aggressively territorial and will attack instantly, this discovery has led to many injuries and even fatal encounters. *

 I ended up with a revamp version of another older MOC that was from the Bara Magna era a long while back.

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