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Lego the Adventures of the Mask


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The Adventures of the Mask

Hi everyone,welcome to my first project.

To celebrate the 22 anniversary of the 1994 movie "The Mask" I decided to make a special vehicle for the character and set up a scenery where he can have a heroic adventure like the ones he has in the movie. The scenery is supposed to be the Mask intercepting a pair of robbers while they are trying to take the money of a citizen of Edge City at night.

The project includes the hero's vehicle,a trash can with a box and a barrel that contains a flower,a motorbike with a tool on it  and 4 minifigures

The minigifures are:Stanley Ipkiss aka the Mask,2 robbers and a citizen

Mask's vehicle features

  • The back of the vehicle includes a tommy gun and a rope for several uses
  • Both sides of the vehicle have a flick missile for play features
  • It contains a stud shooter and a mallet that can be removable,the mallet goes up and down with ease
  • The vehicle has a turbine with a flame so it can speed up and makes it look great

Additional Features

  • The trash can can open and a minifiure can be placed there

I think this would be a great Lego set for the movie fans and even for people who don't know the character because he is funny,creative and adventurous.

Thanks for your support and time. 


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