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Assembly Aircraft Company AR-413 Thunderclap

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Happy New Year LEGO Fans!!! To mark this occasion the AAC proudly presents its newest build: the Thunderclap. This started out as just an idea for a composite engine prototype, soon it became a way to utilize that cockpit windscreen used in a few other projects on Cuusoo. (links below) The Nebulon Void Fighter - Galaxy Command Police Patrol VTOL Valkyria

(Please note, these are not my projects but they are pretty cool so I recommend you check 'em out.)

This shot should provide a good view of the landing gear and the rear of the composite engines as well as the new and improved tail.

It may look a little unfinished. Well, it kind of is. If you want to see it in a different color scheme or with added armament then feel free to tell me in the comments and I'll see if I can edit accordingly.

Good news everyone! Over the holidays I acquired several new LEGO sets. So we may soon see my first Cuusoo project made of real bricks! Be sure to check the Discover page!

(If you get the reference, leave a comment and I'll support one of your projects.)

NEW: An exploded view of the composite engine. Note the secondary drive turbine present in real jet engines.

Flag project