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Mini sub racer set


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See if you've got what it takes to win the grand prix.
Show your skills on the underwater course

The next evolution in sport racing is here.
Racing under the water's surface is like nothing else.
Race in a three dimensional world and go big or go home.

The Mini sub transporter pulls into the loading dock. The mini sub is unloaded and the pilots wait in the locker room. The crane lowers the mini sub into pole position.
The Pilots steps into the cockpit and the starting lights flash.... the race is on.

Mini sub transporter:
- 31 studs W x 15 studs H
- seats 2 Minifigures
Cab access: left up roof

Mini sub racer:
- 20 studs w x 7 studs H
- seats 1 Minifigures
Cockpit access: cockpit hatch slides forward

Mini sub crane set on turntable base

Set consists of:
1 - Base board
1 - Mini sub racer
1 - Pilot helmet
1 - Mini sub transporter (Cab and trailer)
1 - Utility 3 wheel motorcycle
1 - Mini sub crane and control station

Lego Minifigures:
1 - Pilot
2 - Mini sub transporter diver/crew
1 - Control station crew member

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