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Prison Battle and Rescue


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Help Maxwell Jones rescue Ninja Joe!

Help Maxwell save Ninja Joe. You must help him go through the enemy troops and gain the key to free his friend out of prison. But you must defeat Squidy Von Scarelord before freeing Ninja Joe. Use all your might to help Maxwell defeat his enemy who captured his friend, Ninja Joe.

How I came up with this:

I got the inspiration when I did a previous prison rescue sort-of building. I came up with this when I was just thinking of combination of pieces that could fit together. At first, it was just going to be the prison tower itself but I then thought of the main building. I just loved the idea and went straight to LDD to start designing it. It evolved into this and I'm very proud of it.

The Prison Battle and Rescue set features:

-Removable roof

-Two weapon racks

-7 minifigures in total (4 evil troops, Maxwell, Ninja Joe, and the boss, Squidy Von Scarelord)

-Removable watch tower with crossbow 

-Key rack

-Skeleton holding the boss' sword

-Rocky-like surfaces

This set contains 1021 pieces. If you would like to see this become a reality, click that support button and tell your friends so the word spreads. 

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Thanks for all the support and brick on!


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