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House Raising: The Dungeon

This is a four-storey building with a lifting mechanism and two zombies in the basement. That's it!

Imagine a southern city at the beginning of the 20th century. The Architect's team is going to raise the building to expand the living spaces in a rapidly developing area. The Young archaeologist tries to stop them, because there is an ancient dungeon with monsters under the house. The Watchmaker helps her to make a tool that will defeat monsters and save the city.

This set includes 6 minifigures and 3 buildings - it is perfect for playing and I like how it looks on the shelf. It was important for me to use interesting forms - for example, the facade of the blue house is made of brick separators. I suppose LEGO designers can make this set as a modular building or even motorize the lifting mechanism - but I built it with pieces I have.

The model is 16 inches height and made of about 2000-2500 pieces.

I hope that you like this set. Let me know what you think in the comments, I look forward to your support!

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