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Animal Crossing: Redd's Shop


Hello everyone! As a huge fan of LEGO and Animal Crossing, I've decided to make a new LEGO idea! Anyone that's played this game has surely run into the sneaky orange fox who always give's you fake painting and artifacts. That being Redd! Once in a while he visits your town with his shop, in hopes for some villagers to stop by and purchase some of his merchandise! This character is very unique and that's why I made a build featuring him!

This set comes with two builds which are Redd's shop, and the special tree located next to the town hall! 

I put in many dark gray details for his tent, along with some green stick pieces, waiting at the entrance. It's front door can be pulled up, and the back has another entrance as well! The inside have nougat tiles with four artifacts on each corner of the floor. And for the top I used many slope pieces to make this build look more accurate to the original thing! 

Next we have the tree which is set on a small brown plate. Going around the corners of this plate are red and orange tiles which have in front of them a few flowers! The tree build its self is very simple, yet accurate. It has dark green circle tiles and a black trunk in the middle. Then we have lighter green pieces which are very realistic to an actual real tree!

I also included two minifigures, of which happen to be Redd, and a default Villager!

Redd has a orange fox head piece, an orange torso with some fur in the middle, white hands, a white tail and short blue legs! The Villager has brown hair, a red torso with the number 1 printed on it, red and skin colored arms, and a pair of black pants! 

Why should you support? You should support this because it's the combination of two awesome series mixed in one! Anyway, I worked very hard putting this together on LEGO Digital Designer, and I'd be very happy if this could actually become a set. Animal Crossing New Leaf is my favorite game and I would love for this project to actually be made in stores for the world to enjoy.


Special thanks to Jedi Pippin, for helping me render my LDD files. I don't know if this project could potentially make it, if his help wasn't included!!! Please check out his amazing projects!

Anyway, please support this project! I'd be super grateful considering, it's very simple to vote!

All you have to do is press the SUPPORT button, fill out a short form, and then you just did me a huge favor!

If I am aware that you've supported, I will follow you and support your projects!

Thank you and have an amazing day! 




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