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Rolling robot - PALLA


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PALLA is a LEGO Power Functions rolling robot that you can remote control! 
Its round frame, made with a truckload of LEGO Technic connectors, allows it to roll smoothly on most surfaces.

PALLA is the Italian name for "BALL" and stands for Pet Annoying Loud Likely-Awesome contraption. The robot behaves a little randomly, and has incredible obstacle avoidance capatibilities.
Driving it is a little challenging but it's very very fun!
Actually, it's a lot more fun than expected, and that's why has been published on LEGO Ideas!

PALLA comes in White, Light Gray, Yellow, Red, Blue, or Black. 
The final price is around 50 USD.

Check the video below! (no pet was harmed shooting the video)

Entertain your pets, or challenge your friends in a speed race across your house!

Check out Danny's LAB for more!

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