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Little Blue


Hi Guys, I'm back again with a new project: Little Blue, the mid-size steam engine.

As you all can see it is a 0-6-0 steam engine build for the heavy and dirty work on the tracks. It is a lovely little train to fall in love with, but at the same time you can obviously see that it is a strong en heavy, but hard worker. 

Some of the details are:

  • The extra and complicated rod system: besides the regular rod system on the engine, there is another system to add extra power to the engine, all the rods are connected to each other so everything works when driving and doesn't jam, but works just fine. 
  • Between the wheels you can see some springs and 2 air kettles. 
  • At the front there are 2 lights, 2 little custom buffers and the front of the rod case is locked so you can't see the rods come out at the front as the train drives.
  • On top we see a regular pipe for the steam, a golden bowl, 2 whistles and on both sides a rail to hold on to.
  • On the side we see: stairs for the driver to get in, a handle for the driver for support while getting in, and also there are 2 windows in the front of the cabin so the driver can easely look to the tracks ahead. 
  • In the cabin we see some handles and meters and we see a stack of wood, because this train runs on wood in stead of coal. 
  • At the back we see a smoothe and curling surface from the wood stack and on top of it a red tail light. 

The set concludes a driver, also seen on the pictures. The set itself  has just over 500 bricks in it and is minifigure sized. It is the regular 8 studs width and 24 studs long 
I hope you like the new design just as much as I do and I hope you will help me get to 10000 supporters with one of my designs.

With kind regards,


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