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Nuclear Fallout Shelter



Designed to withstand the fury of a meteor shower, laser attacks or other disastrous event or assault, these nuclear fallout shelters were built in a time when mankind's fate was not so clear. Now, decades after they were created, these fallout shelters have drifted beneath the sands of time, but what else has been forgotten in their shadowy depths?

A new series of minifigure adventurers has found one of these catacombs. What treasures or dangers lay within? This set has the look and feel of Steam Punk or Post-Disaster yet remains fun and contemporary for builders of all ages. On top of this, the main doorway is also fully mechanical and can optionally set off the trapdoor when activated! There are plenty of unique aspects to this build, making it exceptionally replayable and allowing it to diversely fit within the rest of the LEGO universe.


- Hidden doorways
- Trap doors
- Garden can slide-out and be replaced with stairs/water source/computer room
- Robots, scorpions, unique minifigures
- Massive double steel doors!
See external pictures for full details!


This set is designed to fit with other like sets. I've included some pictures of what I did with this set once I finished it for Lego Ideas; it's now large-scale and my hope is that, once produced, it can be used by all builders for themes like cross-dimensional Pirates or the upcoming steampunk line.

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This is a popular theme in today's world. It appears in video games, post-apocalyptic movies, TV shows, etc etc. This set is a playful take on and version of a simple shelter in a desert fallout setting, and it is innocent. From the trap door to the little garden on the inside, this set is based on peaceful exploration in a steampunk world.

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