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Mr. Pea project

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An idea of mine added with Lego and presto! The Mr. Pea project.

A very special thanks to WipeoutZone and his awesome renderings! :D

If you are looking at this project right now you're probably wondering; What is this?
Well, a while back I was thinking of a subject that would target towards kids. Then I thought of making vegetable characters so that kids might think that veggies are cool and start eating them more often. At first a pea came into mind. I chose that because they are round and a basic shape. Then I added gloves, shoes and black hair. That was how Mr. Pea was created.

Now on to the other characters, which are seen below. The other characters that were created are:

Mr. Celery: Mr. Pea's friend.
Mr. Tomato, Mr. Carrot, and Mr. Broccoli: The Base Team; A team that protects the base and helps on certain missions.
Ms. Pea: Likes Mr. Pea.
Lord I.C.E: Mr. Pea's archenemy.
All of these characters (except Lord I.C.E) are part of the Veggie Team that protects the Veggie Village.

The grass decorations (above) are from the grassy world in which they live in.

All of the pieces that would be included is a total of 351 pieces.
Each character has movable shoes.

Note: The characters will all be included in one single set.
This will be just one set, not a series.

The price range on this set would be in the $20-30 price range.

I hope you like the creativity of this project and support it!

Happy building!

Mr. Celery.

Mr. Tomato (center), Mr. Carrot (left), and Mr. Broccoli (right).

Ms. Pea.

Lord I.C.E.

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