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Temeraire - Mountain Hut


Hey everyone!

While browsing through LEGO Ideas, I've noticed that there are no projects based on Naomi Novik's amazing Temeraire series. Ergo, I have decided to create the first. The Temeraire series is of a fantasy / alternate history genre and is set during the Napoleonic Wars, but with a catch: there are dragons, manned by crews of aviators, who form the airforces of that time. The series follows Captain Will Laurence and his dragon, Temeraire as they fight for Britain as part of the Aerial Corps. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys reading fantasy or alternate history novels.

Temeraire - Mountain Hut is set during the the first book, His Majesty's Dragon (HMD), towards the start of the book when Laurence and Temeraire have to leave their friends to train as part of the Aerial Corps. It may not appear as an actual scene in HMD, but LEGO sets are rarely exactly the same as the scene that they were based on. The project includes 3 characters:

  • Captain Will Laurence
  • Captain Tom Riley
  • Temeraire

Temeraire - Features

Temeraire has been designed so that he is flexible, yet sturdy. The joints used in his construction include:

  • Ball Joint - used to connect wings and front legs to body, and used to connect feet to legs.
  • Mini Ball Joint - used in tail.
  • Rotation Joint - used to connect neck and back legs to body.
  • Ratchet Joint - used in neck.
  • Clip Joint - used to connect jaw to skull.

Apart from the joints, there are lots of other features that add to the detail. These include:

  • Wings - the wings are designed so that they can swivel to almost any direction, and also fold back and out of the way when he lands.
  • Body - the body has a few features to make it more realistic, including sloping and being bulkier at the front.
  • Tail - The tail, like the wings, is designed to swivel in almost any direction.
  • Neck - The can turn almost any direction thanks to the rotation joint at its base. The rest of the neck is connected using ratchet joints so that it can shift around depending on Temeraire's position. The centre part of his neck also features a large medallion, a present that Laurence gave to Temeraire.
  • Head - The head has a moveable jaw so that Temeraire can grab hold of things with his mouth. He also has blue translucent patches on his ruff.​

Mountain Hut - Features

The mountain hut is a log cabin covered in snow. The top level is detachable so that you can access the bottom level beneath. Inside, it contains a few gadgets. These include:

  • Fireplace
  • Worktop w/ cauldron
  • Water barrel
  • Chest of books
  • Desk w/ map, compass, lamp, and book​

More to Come …

This is the first Temeraire project that I've made, and I'm planning on at least two more to come.

Thanks for checking this project out and please support!

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