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Clash of the Titans


Thanks as always for views, votes, comments, suggestions, etc., and as always let me know if you have a project you would like me to look at.

This is four seperate diorama scenes, set up in a real gamer style sequence in sets one through four, using many famous characters from Greek mythology. This ENTIRE set is only twenty eight hundred and sixty three pieces.

Please note that picture number fifteen was suppossed to be the mini figures only, and the Kraken photo bombed the entire group, as he wished to be considered a mini figure as well.


1. First we have Calibos and a couple of his swamp hinchmen hidden away in the deep dark sector of his swamp lair, complete with his bone throne, giant vulture which flies Andromeda back and forth from her room high atop the palace to see Calibos in the swamp each night. Note Perseus hiding behind the tree wearing his helmet which turns him invisible.

2. The three blind witches inside their cave in front of the pot over the fire, complete with rats, spiders, webs, and a couple of scorpions.Their beloved eye is in the hand of the witch on your far right side.

3.Medusa and her snake palace, complete with four stone statues of warriors who did not have as much success in her serpent lair as one Perceus. As you can see he is set up behind a pillar, with shield in place on another pillar, which he uses to see Medusa's reflection from the back of shield, so as to avoid being turned into stone.

4. A Titan versus a Titan in the bay with Adromeda tied up to the cliff face, awaiting the Kraken. Perseus and Pegasus have showed up just in the nick of time with a little surpirse for the Kraken in that red bag.

Mini figures included in this set  Ferry boat skeleton, Perseus, Andromeda in night gown and white dress, Talos, Calibos, two of Calibos's henchmen, three blind witches, Medusa, The giant Vulture, and the Kraken.

The Kraken's arms, upper jaw, all fingers, completely hinged, able to be set in many different positions.

I think this set captures a huge section of Greek mythology, just as the constellations which share many of their names. I think the display and play factor is off the charts on this particular project, and if we can hit say one hundred thousand views and ten thousand votes it could be on your display table.