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Diocletian's Palace


Palace in real bricks

After 6 months of waiting on all the bricks I have finaly made the palace from the real bricks. Check out the images and support my project if you like it!


Palace Downsize & Redesign

Greetings supporters! After many suggestions and advices from you I have reduced size of my Palace for 20% and also done some redesign to the layout of some buildings inside the Palace. Also I've replaced the most of 1xXX bricks that are harder and more expensive to buy with 1x2 bricks. This increased the bricks number to 5.467 but decreased the overall cost. I've also made mini Diocletian's Palace (770 bricks) but I'm not sure am I allowed to post the pictures of it here or I should submit it as a new project. Please comment and suggest you opinions!


High quality rendered images

I've rendered some higher quality images of Palace so you can see how it should look like in real bricks. Your comments and feedback so far has been of great value to me. Support and share if you like it!