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Diocletian's Palace


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Diocletian's palace is one of the world's most preserved Roman style monuments in the world. It is a large rectangular fortress with two main streets (Cardo and Decumanus) dividing it on the four parts.

Southern parts were used by the emperor Diocletian and the north part was for the military purposes. The palace has 3 coastal gates (north, east and west) guarded by the sentry towers and one sea gate (south) designed for emperors ship. This is authentic state of the palace from 305. AD.

During the years, the population of the palace grew and many new bulidings were built inside and outside the palace. Today, the Diocletian's palace is a center of the city of Split, Croatia and one of the world's top touristic destinations in the world. Big part of the original architecture, outer walls, gates and the streets are still preserved and you can have your own Lego model of this unique piece of world architecture.

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