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Blue's Clues: Steve's House

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“We gotta find a paw print, that's the first clue! We put it in our notebook. Now what do we do?”
Well with this set, you can solve the puzzle and find all of blue’s paw prints! (This set includes 3! Just like the show).

You can recreate some of your favorite scenes from Blues Clues. Here are some iconic scenes that can be recreated: 
  • Time to go to the thinking chair.
  • Slippery Soap’s bathtub! 
  • Mail Time! “Here’s the mail, it never fails! It makes me want to wag my tail! And when it comes I want to wail…”
  • In the kitchen with Mr. Pepper, Mrs. Salt, and even Paprika!  
  • We Found A Clue!
  • Time to get the notepad from side table drawer!
  • Felt Friends!
  • Tickety Tock, Tickety Tock, Tickety Tock...!
There are many unique elements to this set, 4 of which include: Blue’s Paw Print, Salt/Pepper Shaker Cap, Slippery Soap, and Steve’s notepad. They all were created exclusively for this set!

The ‘figures’ included in this set are Steve, Blue, Mailbox, Side Table Drawer, Mr. Pepper, Mrs. Salt, Paprika, Shovel, Pail, Tickety Tock, Felt Friends, and Slippery Soap. All of the figures, except for Steve, are brick built! 

The fact that this project could become a real set blows my mind. This project was made using existing LEGO pieces available on and some custom prints. But imagine what this set could be if it does get chosen to become a set. So why not click the blue support button and watch the number of supporters grow. Be sure to share this project with your friends and family. Thank you for your support. 


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