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Longbow Swing Band

Everyones loves the Vintage look. The Longbow Family Swing Band offers a modern take on the music from the Big Band Era. They have steam punk amps that look like old fashion radios, live music, a good look and for the first time a Rocketeer Suit.

I would make a new piece for the trombone, as creating a proper trombone is nearly impossible with the current pieces. I would also make other sets, for example one with a piano and the lead singer.

The band has two sax players, a clarinetist and a flutist for woodwinds. The precussion is done by a bass and a drum set. The horn work is performed by a cornetist and trombone player.

see it on MOC pages
Here is the longbow on the road set featuring a smaller drum set and a fifties style tour bus with white wall tires.

Below is the beginning and dawn of Longbow. This is before the addition of the radio amps and the rocketeer.

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