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Lego Black Pearl


Lego Black Pearl

Hello, this is my own builden lego ship from "Pirates Of The Caribbean": 

For almost a year ago I did want to build Lego Black Pearl as my own ship. I was inspired by the Black Pearl ship on the "Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Video Game" that is some years old now. When I built it, I had lots of plans and orders that had to be done for getting built this ship. I used five weeks from the beginning to the end when it was finished. I enoyed the built progress, and I hope you like it too ;)

About the ship:

This ship have in all 13 canons, but nine of them is ordinary Lego canons and the four last is self-builden canons. The ship have 14 minifigures with weapons. The ship have no functions like to open it up and take it apart for playing. 

Thanks for me and hope you enoyed it.

Regards a Lego fan!