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Hogwarts Express with Kings Cross Platform 9 3/4


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This Hogwarts Express with platform 9 3/4 is build with 496 bricks. I spent about five hours to create it.

At first I only wanted to create the Hogwarts Express alone. But it seemed very boring. That´s why I decided to build platform 9 3/4 also as a base for the Hogwarts Express.

Most of the Lego Harry Potter sets are just made for playing. Inspired by the architecture series of Lego, I created a set which is not just for playing. But it might be interesting for the "older generations" as a memory of their childhood. With a size of 36x10 bricks it do not need that much space. Because of this it`s a perfect model for a livingroom or desk.

Thank you for reading my describtion - it's my first creation. And I´m sorry for my english...

If you have any improvements or a feedback for me please write it in the comments.

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