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Futurons Outpost

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  1. This model is conceived as a border outpost in the lunar territory, with the aim of doing scientific research and surveillance of the territory. Inside the astronaut that live in the house has everything necessary to live as in a real small house in space: bed, computer console to work, sofa and bed to rest, closet for objects, ornamental seedling, television, air conditioning and eletronic spyglass to observe the lunar sky. The Building is completely openable and observable even inside, removed the appropriate stops, opened like a book, and the blue dome is openable but is also removable.
  2. I built this model because i have always loved the Space Futuron lego theme and i think that if rivisited in a more moderne key and with different construction techniques it can still be current and playbale today.
  3. Given its complete opening, i think it is great as a playing object or as a salable house in any store, alternative to the usual theme creator or lego city. 


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