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M.T.M - mobile tactical mech
It is a tactical armor bike & also transform to battle mech, with full moveable join.
The design is to make the connection of every part strong so that it don't fall off when playing.
The irregular arm & legs design is to make it small & cute so that it suit the size of mini figure.
All wheel are design such that it is moveable.
All part & connection is using the Lego standard.
It may look like some other design like garland but all part & joints are redesign to hold even when a 5 year old is playing with it.
It can be fully transform between mech & bike without any part being taken out

Actual build using existing brick, all joins are moveable and firm. both leg can hold it's full body load in any position that you like

Updated with HD image of bike and mech, with some new changes in the front wheel and cockpit cover

More image can be view here