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Star Wars AT-PT (All Terrain - Personal Transport) including Scout Troopers


Hello Lego and Starwars Fans.

This was my third project.
After 365 days it expired so I try it again.
And here it is...

My favorite "AT-Mech":
AT-PT (All Terrain - Personal Transport)

It's a light anti-infantry walker.

The main problems while creating this Lego-Version:
- keep it simple
- keep it small (because its not very big in "real")
- how to seat a pilot inside
- where to place the hatch

Hope you like my Version of the AT-PT like I do.

This Set would contain
1 (or maybe 2) AT-PTs
4 Scouttoopers
1 Pilot


Thank you for your visit and your support.

May The Bricks Be With You


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