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MEV Robot Battle

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This is my proposal for a LEGO IDEAS set: The MEV Robot Battle. This is part of an original storyline I created.

This storyline focuses on John, a teenager who finds out that the world is in danger when his city is attacked by robots. He is then transported by one of the robots to Desert Ruins Island, and he finds a teenager named Luke, who was sent by an organization to stop the MEV Robot from taking control of the world. They also find Frederick, a lost adult who was found in the wild after his father disappeared right after the first battle with the Robot.

Soon they pass through two more islands and get to AshPit Volcano Island, which is a barren island that holds the MEV Robot.

However, the final battle is close, and they have collected three Stones of Creation. John has to climb the robot to be able to get the last Stone of Creation and be able to transform to defeat the MEV Robot.

Proposal Set Description:

Piece Count Estimate:
MEV Robot: 500-800 pieces.
All other robots: 100-300 pieces.
Minifigures: 40-70 pieces.
Overall: 640-1,800

The proposal would include a brick-build MEV Robot, with highly posable joints, and knees, which is rare for LEGO robots.

The minifigures are John, with the green suit, hammer, and the Stones of Creation.

Luke in his cook outfit, sword, and laser hook.

Frederick with a boombox and a sword, his minifigure can also be changed once he gets the stolen navy armor

Mysterious person is a person whose soul got stuck in a robot body after an experiment went wrong. He has the stolen navy armor, and has the Double Gauntlet of Reality, a special weapon with a synthetic Stone of Creation. Once he is defeated the head could be replaced with Frederick’s to show Frederick has claimed the navy armor.


Chicken: A robot that holds half of the MEV Robot’s conscious.

Guard M3: These generic guards are found on all four islands and depending on their rank the
wield different weapons.

Spin: A circular robot that can spin and open to create a cinematic effect of flying sparks if spun fast enough.

Octopus: An octopus-like robot.

Penguin: A penguin-like robot that has a bar that if destroyed will disactivate the shield around it.

Crab Spider M4: A spider shaped robot with three legs that can make a very protective shell for protection.

Why I Built This:

I built this set because there aren’t many sets based off on any original storylines created by fans, and I am doing this because it’s a way for me to take out my creativity to the world.

Why it would make a great set:

It would make a great set because of its playability and how it would look good as a display piece, so it has things from both worlds. In other words it would appeal to kids and teens looking for playability and would also look great and have the standards of an Adult LEGO set.

(Note: use of licensed parts is not intentional and is only used in place of custom prints or limited pieces, and so is too with bite marks, they are not intentional.)

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