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The Morphing MonoTread

The Morphing MonoTread, is some sort of Lego Technic motorcycle, with tracks flexing to operate a turn, instead of conventionnal steering front forks. (Watch the video to see it in action !)

I had developped a prototype a few years ago, not really turning out right. But at least I proof-tested the concept in Lego. So I recently decided to build it again better than ever. I really tried my best to make it as smooth, compact, functionnal and beautiful to look at.

If you have any design suggestions, You're invited to comment your thoughts below

The upper part of the vehicle is detachable so that the tread can be replaced with some other propulsion means, like wheels & why not legs. We'll explore this concept further in upcomming updates. I can imagine making other color variants, to make this nice little creature somewhat alive.

It also rolls very well, even on smooth surfaces !

Here's a demonstrative video for the occation. Enjoy !

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