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Brickvault Studio


  Welcome to BrickVault Studio!

     I have recreated the BrickVault Studio in Lego form.  I have been wanting to design a Creator Style Build for quite some time now, and one night it struck me... What about BrickVault Studios?  I've never seen it duplicated and I was up for the challenge.   

    BrickVault is a Lego-only YouTube channel..   The two mini figures are designed to look like Jack and Mike, the primary hosts of the show.  My personal favorite favorite room in the design is the "Lego City Room".  It was a blast to work off of their mini-city and design my own version of it.

    Although the scale is not perfect, I have incorporated many fun and important details.   The piece is 52x55 Bricks, including the foundation.  This creation is not modular scale and most likely would not fit well into a typical constructed city. I designed it to be an interactive display piece all on its own.

      I truly hope you all enjoy this build.  I'm very proud of it.  :}


                                                                   Samuel (Guardian Designs)

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