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The Claw


"The Claaawww.", one of my favourite sentances of all time.

From one of my favourite Disney Pixar movie's of all time. When Woody and Buzz are on their way to find their owner Andy in the depths of Pizza Planet, Buzz is distracted by a spaceship. When they enter they find strange aliens called Little Green Men or LGM! They worship the mighty claw! As one of the LGM once said, "The Claw chooses who will go and who will stay.". 

Details and Features: You can put LGM minifigures in The Claw Machine by taking the top off and putting them in, or just by opening that prize flap at the bottom. To take your prize (a.k.a. LGM) just open the prize flap after putting one in. The bottom has transparent red pieces so that it matches the lights at the bottom of it from the movie. You can't use it but underneath the gamepad their is a coin slot for detail. Same with the gamepad, just for detail. The claw can only stay one height unless folded and you can put an LGM in it when attaching the legs to the claws outside. You can face the claw's outside, inside. The regular transparent blocks are suppose to be the glass from the movie. You can see through the regular transparent blocks.

I hope everybody else shares the love for the LGMs' home. Please support so that these aliens won't live alone!