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Steel Wheel Forest


One dark and stormy night, the mighty Old Hollow Tree was struck by lightning. As a result, its top was broken off and the interior was all made into charcoal.

To take care of its remainders, the Steel Wheel Sisters and their helicopter crew was sent deep into the forest to Old Hollow Tree. But once at the sight, they got hypnotized by its appearance and instead of chopping it into firewood, they decided to breath new life into the tree. Bringing all their scrap parts of gear wheels and metal beams, the team managed to create something the world had never seen before — a hybrid between a thousand-year-old tree and a machine! It was the embryo of Steel Wheel Forest…

It didn’t take long before the four of them became a part of the forest themselves, devoting their lives to make the rusty machinery run as smooth as possible. As a result, they made friends with the trees and the animals in the wood, among them the skunk Smelly.

The suggested set contains several play-functions:

  • By turning the master gear wheel, the helicopter platform at the top will rotate, as well as a huge circular saw blade, a gear wheel chain and some propellers.
  • The tree can be split in two vertical halves, connected by hinges and a hanging bridge which is unfolded when the tree-halves are turned apart.
  • Inside the tree there is a spiral stairway which can be rotated from the outside by a gear wheel.
  • The helicopter can be taken off to be used as an individual toy. The rotor blades can be turned around by a crank.
  • The lattice doors and the spider web can be opened.
  • Most of the leaves can be turned into different directions.

The set includes the following mini figures and animals:

  • The Steel Wheel Sisters: Cloak Kelly and Aviator Ana
  • The Gear Wheel Brothers: Gear Wheel Gert and Mushroom Martin
  • The pet skunk Smelly
  • The three spiders Imse, Vimse and Trimse

If you like the idea, please support it to make the Old Hollow Tree come to live in a LEGO store near you!

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