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LEGO Citroen 2VC Project


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Every since I saw the Bond film For Your Eyes Only, I have been OBSESSED with these amazing, classic cars. I love to look at other creators' designs, and when I found one on LEGO Ideas (Cuusoo at the time), I was really happy. Unfortunately, the project expired. Ever since then, I have been working out my master plan to bring back the LEGO Citroen project!

Thanks to MacBrick for the inspiration and I hope that he finds this LEGO creation worthy of the Citroen name, for his surely was. I plane to make all sorts of accessories for this set and add more cars so please remember to check the updates section often, for I have many alternate designs that I would love to share with you!

Currently, the stock, red and white car has a seat, a steering wheel, and a very clever license plate (A printed envelope 1x2 tile). More features will come! If you like this project, please support it! It really means a lot! :)

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