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Playable Mini Air Hockey Table


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I was interested in a playable air hockey table.
I had an idea and here is my attempt.
it's a mini version of a real hockey table, but in a scale you may be able to play with it.
You can find the details of the size of the table below and on the pictures.

This set contains: 1 hockey table, 2 storage boxes, 4 Air hockey mallets, a group of 6 Air hockey pucks, 1 base plate 32 x 32.

Size of the table:

Total length of the table: 33,16cm / 13.1"
Length of the playfield: 25,28cm /  10"
Total width of the table: 15,80cm / 6.2"
width of the playfield: 12,64cm / 5"

Hope you like it and thanks for reading!

If you like the idea or would like to build or play,  please support!








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