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Lego: Desscorp


This is a Lego Desscorp set

This set includes 5 characters.

1. Sentry

2. Billy Turner

3. Andrew Desser

4. Maddie O'Neil

5. Dessbot

Andrew Desser owns Desscorp, Maddie O'Neil works at Desscorp. She is a security at Desscorp and she is Andrew Desser sidekick, she dates him. Dessbot was created by Andrew Desser. Billy Turner is Sentry sidekick. It includes tool box, Andrew Desser trophy, and watchtwight. Andrew Desser is in his robot suit. it includes a destructor add with watchtwight in his hand. It includes a different destructor in her hand and it includes her hair and her hat. it includes a watchtwight blaster in Dessbot hand.

Sentry and Billy Turner Vs. Andrew Desser, Maddie O'Neil, and Dessbot.