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Randy Mastino the Nightmares Hunter


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London, year 1881. There is a dense fog tonight, no one around, a dog howling in the distance, a rusty gate creaking on its hinges ...
It 's almost midnight and in the old cemetery there is nobody but you hear growls, sounds scary and chilling!
Old tombs now worn by time creak and crumble, as if someone was trying to get out from the inside ...
But you can not! Zombies and skeletons come out of the graves and the ground! Fear! Terror! Horror!
What to do now? Who to call? Help! Help! The dead come from their graves!
No fear ...
Ladies and gentlemen do not fear and welcome to Randy Mastino, the hunter of nightmares!
When zombies, skeletons, vampires and werewolves begin to bother you, do not hesitate, call Randy Mastino!
With him monsters are not safe.
Randy has a sixth sense for everything that is supernatural, no nightmare is too scary for him.

The project is developed on a base 16X16, for a total of 427 pieces.
It 'a small setting that recreates an old cemetery of the London end of' 800, where Randy Mastino has been called to investigate.
The set includes figures of Randy Mastino, a skeleton and two zombies.
If you like the atmosphere of horror and steampunk ... this is the set for you!