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Nemesis System


A change of Direction

I have decided to totally change the way things are going.  I want to find a way to get more supporters and spread the projects more.  I acknowledge that the projects at the moment have flaws that stops them from getting supporters, so I will rework them to try and fix any mistakes and problems.

I do however want to start working on new projects, still Shadow of Mordor, but I want them to be more community friendly, that is why I have created 2 surveys to help me find out more about what people would like to see in order to maximize supports :)

Start of by doing the first one first:

Thanks for the support I have gotten so far and remember to spread the word!

Thanks,                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ancient Brick   




Mistake Fix

Nan iChîr Gelair Mordor

This update fixes a mistake where the stands on which the Warchiefs stood was not directly touching the stand.

  • If you want to report a mistake, simply start the comment with two *'s.  e.g. " ** ... "
  • And for suggestions, use one star.  e.g. " * ... "

Another thing I want to show in this update, are the unknown captains.

Please comment and tell me what you think.