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Nemesis System


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100% compatible with any Orcs

Have you ever wanted to add more life to your orcs.  Control their very move, train them, level them, and then eventually kill them with Elvin grace, Dwarvish Strength or the honor of and Ranger and his sword,

The nemesis system allows you to do all this, with the bonus feature of storing 25 of your most powerful Orcs.

The Nemesis System includes 37 heads, 37 pieces of headgear, 36 torsos, 38 legs, 25 pieces of armour and 63 weapons, an archer tower, wall segment, fire, shrubs and the base stand.

Orcs can grow in power and get a higher rank in Sauron's Army.  Every orc starts out as a grunt, a normal soldier, and has the ability to end up as a Warchief, that is as long as he hasn't been killed.

There is also 8 different classes.  Namely: Beast Master, Hunter, Archer, Defender, Sword Master, Slaver, Berserker and Brewer.  Each class has his own Strengths and Weaknesses.

Play with your characters in a whole new way.  Attack from an Orc archer tower, intercept a feast from a wall.  Hide in the shrubs.  Do whatever you want.