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Wipeout DW-2

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Hello everyone!
I am Absolutely PsychoO and this is my first project for LEGO Ideas. I think that many of you have heard about great game "Wipeout". Recently I've played it and I thought about creating new race car for this game. That's DW-2. Unfortunately I don't have necessary details to build it in real life. So I had to do it in LDD.

DW-2 was developed in 2216 specially for participation in race in Tenebrosa-City. It had been build on new technology which affected on power and speed of DW-2 and therefore on results of race. Team of DW-2 has won all championship rewards.


  • length - 4,5 meters
  • width - 2,5 meters
  • heignt - 1 meter
  • 2x new turbo-engine with power 5000 h.p. each
  • new more streamline shape


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