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Doctor Who: First Doctor Turntable


Fly away with exclusive Doctor Who characters, a TARDIS and a four-sided turntable!

This set includes a detailed, four-sided turntable with four iconic areas in William Hartnell's reign:

A miniature TARDIS Console with its roundel covered walls

Totter' Lane with junkyard sign, brick walls and dirt covered street

Skaro with its simple, metallic design, triangular doors and door sensor

And the Tenth Planet with a control console

The minifigures in this set are as follows:

The First Doctor with cloak and black pants

Police man

Original Dalek

Original Cyberman

This set also includes a dark, mucky TARDIS with freely opening doors.

I hope you like this set and support it! thanks!

Based on the original turntable set by me. Visit

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