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Concorde is an iconoic British-French supersonic passenger airliner and was the flagship for both British Airways and Air France. It had a destinctive wing design, novel engine air intake system, adjustable nose and afterburners not seen on any other type of commerical airline and allowing it to cruise at twice the speed of sound. It still holds many speed records, including flying around the world in just over 30 hours - Of the twenty aircraft built, eighteen are on display in museums around the world. It was operated between 1976 and 2003 but first flew in 1969 and first went supersonic that year making next year, 2019, its 50th anniversary - The perfect time to celebrate it in Lego!

Like the real Concorde, the Lego model includes:

- Three adjustable elevons on each wing and an adjustable split rudder with acctuator detail

- Retractable front and rear landing gear with working landing gear doors, and tail bumper (removable)

- Adjustable dropping nose and independent dropping visor

- Engine air intake vents/ramps and engine detail

The final model will (hopefully) have black prints for the windows/visor and red/blue designs for either British Airways or Air France. It is built around a Technic Lego frame like some of the larger Lego Star Wars models so should not fall apart easily.

Thanks for your support!

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