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Rebel Assault Frigate Mark 1, version 2

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People more familiar with the Star Wars EU will probably be aware that there are two variations of the Assault Frigate Mark 1. This is the lesser known version first appeared in the SW Book Starships of the Galaxy Saga Edition, and was then made famous by its cameo in the STAR WARS; FORCE UNLEASHED 2 video game, released on the PS3, X-Box and Wii.

Its role however does differ in all three. In both the PS3 and X-Box the Assault Frigate was an anonymous Rebel ship that participated in the assault on Kamino, with al attention focused on a Nebulon B-Frigate that served as the Rebel fleet flagship; the Salvation.

However, for the Wii version the designers instead chose to feature the Assault Frigate as the Flagship; Salvation.

Adaptations of SW:TFU2 such as comics and novels support the PS3 and X-Box representations of the Salvation. Yet I prefer the Wii version as it gives some centre stage to an underrated ship in the Rebel Fleet.

Probably a little too much red but it's how I like it. This model was made to be sort of in scale to the UCS Star Destroyer model.

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