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The Sound of Music


The Von Trapp's Car+LDD File

As promised, here is the Von Trapp's car! I have also included the LDD file for the Sound of Music house.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to support my project.

All in all, this project got 617 supporters, 214 comments, 24,000 views, thousands of shares on Facebook/Twitter, and plenty of attention from many Sound of Music blogs.

When I first made this project, I never thought it would have gotten this far, or gotten this much attention. I was, and am, blown away by all of the supports and encouraging comments that this project has received in its lifetime.

I would like to first thank my family, friends, and fellow LEGO Ideas members such as; Colin23, MachineWolf7, and many others for all of the kind, encouraging, and constructive, words and support. Its an experience I'll never forget.

I may resubmit this project in the future, but for now though, I have several other projects planned.

Once again, thank you all.

Visit the MOC Pages link for some building instructions for the mansion!



600 Supporters!!!

Thank you all so much for supporting this! It has over 600 supporters now. WHOOOOOO!!!


100 Days Left!

With the 100 day mark here, and this project going into the double digits in its time on here, I would like to thank you all for the encouragement, advice, and ideas that you have all given me. I am really sorry about the delays on things like the car, but I assure, before this project is finished, I will make good on my promises.
Thank you all again.


Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish you a merry Christmas from the Sound of Music, to you!


Cool! The Washington Center for the Performing Arts featured this!

A big thank you to both The Washington Center for the Performing Arts (WCPA) and the von Trapps pages for featuring this project on their pages.

If you are a fan of either music, or arts, (or both!) then make sure to check their pages out! : )  WCPA and... The von Trapps page! : )


Thank you Forever Liesl!

Thank you Forever Liesl for posting this project to their Facebook page!

 Forever Liesl is a page devoted to both Liesl and her actor, Charmian Carr. Make sure to check their Facebook page out! : )


Featured on I Love LEGO's Page!

A big thank you to I Love LEGO for posting this project on their page!

If you are a fan of LEGO, and like seeing cool creations, than check out their page!


500 supporters!

We are now 5% of the way to 10k supporters! Whoo hoo! : )


Featured on Julie Andrews Online!

Just today, this project was featured on both the Julie Andrews Facebook page, and web page!



I would like to deeply thank all the pages that have helped bring in so much support for this project. Check them out via the links below. Salzburg Tours... Visit Salzburg... Kleverest Kids... Partners Communications... The Sound Of Music Puerto Rico...

And thank you to all who have taken the time to support this project. :-)

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